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The Shoreline Journal is a monthly community newspaper based in Bass River, Nova Scotia, and serving the Fundy Shore/Glooscap Trail from Truro to Parrsboro.   See submission deadlines...

Established in 1994, the paper was originally published as the West Colchester Free Press by Ken Kennedy Publications, and later renamed to The Shoreline Journal.  In January 2008 The Journal changed hands and is now under the management of  the husband and wife team of Maurice & Dorothy Rees.  They have initiated a redesign of the paper, with the addition of several colour pages each issue. Each monthly issue concentrates on the many community events which involve residents of all ages, from the elderly to the very young, and those young at heart.  A primary focus is those activities which involve students, whether it be school or 4-H club activities.

Maurice has extensive experience in the community newspaper & advertising field, and has been running several businesses in Maitland for the past few years.  Dorothy is a lady of many interests who has already added new features to the Journal; and since November 2008 has operated her own business, Dorothy’s T-shirt Factory, which has been  renamed to “tshirtsrus.ca”.  The energetic couple have a busy schedule as they are also sales agents for Nelson Monuments.

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The Shoreline Journal understands that rural communities want to know about news and events in their communities, so that's our focus, the things that directly affect our subscribers, sponsors and customers.  Watch for regular items:

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Rees' Pieces - November 2014

Why pour brine into the rivers?

Maybe, just maybe, the Ivany Report is starting to sink in. Business owners know what’s necessary, but it takes time to develop business plans. Government and the public service is the second slowest.

However, the entire movement is slowed down by the general public. They resist change and don’t trust governments to initiate change. The track record on initiatives led by government is not good and they feel businesses are greedy and will only think of their bottom line.

Turning this province around is going to be a mammoth task and requires the Wisdom of Solomon. To get us out of debt a way must be found to bring all three entities together for a frank discussion.

Read the full editorial...

2nd Underwater Cable installed

By Maurice Rees

FORCE Safety Boat - An unidentified crew member on a safety boat keeps watch as the barge containing FORCE’s underwater cable passes by. The second cable was installed in Minas Passage on Sunday, October 21st. (Submitted)

The second of four underwater cables was laid on Sunday, October 19th in Minas Passage brings Nova Scotians that much closer to tidal power from the Bay of Fundy. A spokesperson from The Fundy Ocean Research Centre for Energy (FORCE) stated on Tuesday the 21st, he expected the next cable to be laid this week.

Each cable weighs approximately 100 tonnes and is 2-3 Kilometers in length. Each 34.5-kilovolt cable has a capacity of up to 16 megawatts – approximately enough to power over 6,000 homes during peak flows.

A 6.42 minute video showing the complexity of transporting and laying the underwater cable is available at: https://vimeo.com/109264425 The video starts with offloading the cable at Port of Halifax, getting it secured onto a barge, transporting to Minas Passage then actual laying of the cable. The operation includes a number of vessels – including barges, tugs, and other safety vessels.

"This operation is the final piece of the FORCE facility," said Tony Wright, General Manager of FORCE. "Once installed, tidal developers can plug their devices into the cable and connect to the power grid."

Wright said: "We’ll be laying up to four cables over the next two or three weeks, depending on a number of variables, including weather."

The FORCE landfall site and interpretive centre has already become an important contributor to the economy in the Parrsboro area. In addition to a lot of work for local contractors, and suppliers, the FORCE centre has four fulltime employees, plus approximately half a dozen part-time and contract workers.

"The Minas Passage is a challenging work environment," said Anne-Marie Belliveau, Director of Operations at FORCE. "And while most cables are laid from shore to shore in low flowing currents, this operation is unique: we are leaving one end of the cables in some of the world’s most powerful tides. The strength of the tide and potential weather mean safety is our first priority."

It is expected turbines will be installed in 2015, and when in place the end of the cable submerged in the water will be connected to the turbine. Installation of the cables will mark the end of FORCE’S infrastructure for the project.

Turbines will be installed by OpenHydro (owned by DSNS Group from France; Black Rock Tidal-Power Inc. (owned by Schottel, Germany); the Minas Energy Group and Atlantis Resources Ltd. Once installed the turbines are connected to the underwater cable and can start sending electricity to the power grid for use by Nova Scotians.

Yet to be completed is the installation, expected in 2015, of a $10-Million Sensor Technology Underwater Platform, which will allow for real-time measurement of conditions in the Bay of Fundy. The technology platform will be attached to the data cable, which was laid last year.

In November, the Minas Basin site will be hosting four buses of delegates who will be attending the International Conference on Ocean Energy, which will be held in Nova Scotia in Novembers. The visit to Nova Scotia is the first time the conference has been held outside Europe.

Since the visitors centre opened, it had hosted over 5,000 visitors. For the first time ever FORCE requests other vessels stay well clear of the marine operation (a minimum of 500 metres). As well, the Parrsboro wharf may be closed for defined periods during the operation. FORCE is working with all wharf users, including Fishers, and the Parrsboro Harbour Commission in an effort to minimize disruption to routine activities.

Guess Who Came for Dinner?

By Linda Harrington

Rickr Mercer poses for a photo with Alice Pugsley of Five Islands after spending some time cooking up wild blueberry sauce in her kitchen. (submitted)


It is not every day you get to cook with a celebrity in your kitchen. Alice Pugsley, of Five Islands recently enjoyed the opportunity to share her wild blueberry recipes with Rick Mercer of the popular weekly television show "Rick Mercer Report".

Rick Mercer and his production crew were in the area filming a segment centered around the wild blueberry harvest in Nova Scotia. Alice is a member of the Wild Blueberry Producers of Nova Scotia (WBPANS), Chair of the Promotion Committee and a fabulous cook.

"I had it timed so hot wild blueberry muffins were just coming out of the oven as Rick and the crew arrived," says Alice, "The muffins seemed to be a big hit right away."

Video footage was taped in several local locations, following Rick Mercer as he harvested wild blueberries in Folly Mountain, delivered them to a receiver shed and then off for processing at Oxford Frozen Foods. Rick arrived at Alice Pugsley’s home with fresh berries in hand and they enjoy cooking up some of her favorite recipes.

"Rick also brought along some of his ‘Chapman’s Rick Mercer Blueberry Ice Cream’ and we prepared a wild blueberry sauce for shortcake. This was topped off with his ice cream," says Alice. "Afterwards they all sampled baked salmon topped with a wild blueberry sauce and a fresh salad served with wild blueberry vinaigrette."

It sounds like they certainly did not leave Alice’s kitchen hungry.

The wild blueberry segment had yet to air at press time but is expected to air on CBC television, on a Tuesday evening within in the next few weeks.

WBPANS has its office on Dakota Road in Debert. The wild blueberry is Nova Scotia’s Provincial Berry.

Debbie Clarke Family Relief Fund

By Maurice Rees

A bank account, Debbie Clarke Family Relief Fund, is being set up at the Royal Bank of Canada, Truro Branch to accept donations to help the Debbie Clarke family who suffered a serious house fire on October 24th. Unfortunately they did not have any house or property insurance.

Monetary donations can be made at the Royal Bank of Canada, Truro Branch. Those wishing to supply materials or other services, can chose how they wish to assist from the lists provided below.

The Shoreline Journal publisher, Maurice Rees, is asking for those wishing to help the Debbie Clarke family restore their house to send an email: maurice@theshorelinejournal.com  or by calling 902-647-2968 or Cell: 902-890-9850. If sending an email, please include name, phone and email addresses and how you might wish to assist.

Volunteers assistance will be needed in the following areas:

  • Carpenter / General contractor to prepare estimates of materials and labour.
  • Electrician to prepare estimate, materials and Scope of Work.
  • Plumber to prepare estimates, materials and Scope of Work.
  • Volunteer(s) who will assist by managing lists of other volunteers and work closely with a volunteer project manager.
  • Volunteer project manager who will plan work schedule for trades and volunteers.
  • Volunteers to help acquire building materials.
  • Volunteer to organize obtaining refuse containers for demolition project.
  • Volunteers to help with on-site demolition.
  • A volunteer project manager, who will organize work party of volunteers who will undertake reconstruction.
  • The project manager will require assistants, who will assist organizing work schedule for the various trades and volunteers.
  • Volunteer workers to help with on-site reconstruction, once property has been cleared of debris.
  • Volunteers who will provide refreshments, snacks and noon-time lunches for volunteers during demolition and reconstruction work parties.
  • Once reconstruction is completed, workers may be required to help clean other portions of the property, which may have suffered smoke and water damage.

Those wishing to help with the Debbie Clarke Family Property Restoration, please contact Maurice Rees, publisher, 902-647-2968; Cell: 902-890-9850 or E-mail: maurice@theshorelinejournal.com = Emails are preferred if possible.

Page One Briefs - November 2014

Petro Canada Ribbon Cutting - The Grand Opening of Masstown Petro Canada took place on October 18th with MLA Karen Casey carrying out the official ribbon cutting, assisted by (left to right)- Jim Adshade, Wade Jennings, Eric Jennings, Karen Casey, Laurie Jennings, Rick Graham, and Ron Smith. (Harrington Photo)


Between October 4th, 2014 and October 5th, 2014, Colchester RCMP responded to four reports of break and enter and theft into seasonal camps in the Tatamagouche area. In all reports entry was gained into the camps by cutting the gates and kicking in the door. Once entry was gained, the camp was ransacked and property was stolen. Stolen property includes: electronics, machinery, tools and a 410 Shotgun.

Police are requesting the public’s assistance for any information related to this matter. Please contact Colchester RCMP Detachment (902) 893 6820 or Crime Stoppers 1 (800) 222 8477.

Forest landowners throughout Nova Scotia are invited to Woodlot Management Mentorship Program Field Day at Jim Crooker’s woodlot, South Brookfield, Queens Co., 10 a.m-3 p.m. Saturday, November 8th. Registration is essential. For more information, contact Jane Barker of Mersey Tobeatic Research Institute at (902) 682-2371 or jane.barker@merseytobeatic.ca

Believe in the Magic of Christmas "VINTAGE CHRISTMAS OPEN HOUSE" is being organized in Parrsboro, November 13th to 16th, from 10 am to 8 pm Thursday thru Saturday and 12 noon to 5 pm on Sunday. The streets will come alive with Christmas spirit as they are transformed to an era gone by as downtown merchants deck their stores in Christmas finery including vintage window displays for 4 days of nostalgic holiday shopping.

Tim Hortons guests and restaurant owners showed off their smiles and community spirit, raising over $5.3 million in support of local charities for the annual Tim Hortons Smile Cookie campaign. For one week, Tim Hortons guests had the opportunity to purchase special chocolate chunk Smile Cookies for $1, with all proceeds supporting local community charities, hospitals and programs across Canada. Nationally, more than 500 charities are supported each year through the campaign

Humour Corner: Wife: Do you want dinner? Husband: Sure! What are my choices? Wife: 'Yes or no.' 

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