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The Shoreline Journal is a monthly community newspaper based in Bass River, Nova Scotia, and serving the Fundy Shore/Glooscap Trail from Truro to Parrsboro.   See submission deadlines...

Established in 1994, the paper was originally published as the West Colchester Free Press by Ken Kennedy Publications, and later renamed to The Shoreline Journal.  In January 2008 The Journal changed hands and is now under the management of  the husband and wife team of Maurice & Dorothy Rees.  They have initiated a redesign of the paper, with the addition of several colour pages each issue. Each monthly issue concentrates on the many community events which involve residents of all ages, from the elderly to the very young, and those young at heart.  A primary focus is those activities which involve students, whether it be school or 4-H club activities.

Maurice has extensive experience in the community newspaper & advertising field, and has been running several businesses in Maitland for the past few years.  Dorothy is a lady of many interests who has already added new features to the Journal; and since November 2008 has operated her own business, Dorothy’s T-shirt Factory, which has been  renamed to “tshirtsrus.ca”.  The energetic couple have a busy schedule as they are also sales agents for Nelson Monuments.

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Rees' Pieces - December 2014

Let’s Develop a "Grassroots" Plan

We need to change our attitude, accept change and do things differently, because Nova Scotia is on track to fail, because of mounting debt. We don’t accept change easily, but we must. Most of the media is portraying the desperate situation we are facing, and the public is slowly understanding the message. The public would prefer political leaders sticking their necks out making massive changes rather than applying band-aids for fear of voter reaction at the next election.

Just when the public is warmed up, someone side swipes them with an unexpected left hook. I’m referring to the $150,000 consultants report presented to Finance Minister Whalen. What a piece of garbage. The only accurate finding was funding of all programs and departments must be capped at current levels.

Read the full editorial...

Jason Kenny

"Education Abandoned"

By Maurice Rees

Minister of Employment and Social Development Jason Kenney and Parliamentary Secretary to Minister of Employment and Social Development Scott Armstrong.

In an interview with the Shoreline Journal on November 7th, Jason Kenney said, "We need to recreate Vocational High Schools". Kenney, Minister of Employment and Social Development, was in Truro as a keynote speaker at a Scott Armstrong fundraiser.

Earlier in the day, Minister Kenney made two appearances in Halifax - Irving Shipyard, where he spoke to employees and later addressed the Halifax Chamber of Commerce. ‘The focus of his messages was skills development and employer-led training to meet the needs of Canada's economy today and into the future.

In the limited time for questions, I focused on what can be done to provide training so more jobs are created for Atlantic Canadians and how things could change to avoid the migration west of our youth and tradespeople.

Speaking to what is needed, Kenney said, "Education has been abandoned for decades. More emphasis needs to be placed on post secondary education in the trades". He continued, saying for many years, all levels of government had mis-directed youth instilling in them a university education was mandatory. Not all people are suited to university to become a doctor, lawyer, nurse, etc. Many are more suited to the trades and should look at community colleges, trade schools and vocational programs. He continued, "It got off the rails some time ago".  

He said he is encouraging provincial governments to work with his department to implement programs which provide employer-led training and to harmonize apprenticeship programs across various jurisdictions.

While in Nova Scotia, Minister Kenney took note of the advancements being made in the working model project involving local Aboriginal communities—a project supported by the Government of Canada with an investment of $6 million under ESDC’s Skills and Partnership Fund.

Early in the morning of November 7th, Kenney toured the Irving Shipyard in Halifax and spoke with employees and management about the Government of Canada’s support for skills training and training for apprentices, two crucial needs as Irving Shipbuilding prepares to build combat ships in support of the National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy.

At noontime in a speech to the Halifax Chamber of Commerce, Kenney highlighted how government and industry must work together to ensure Canadians have the skills and training needed for jobs in demand in the Canadian economy. He explained that this is the route to Canada’s future economic opportunities and continued prosperity.

He said the path to success includes more employer-led training and faster foreign credential recognition for internationally trained professionals, as well as better labour market information. He also pointed to the need to harmonize apprenticeship training across jurisdictions, an area where the Atlantic Provinces are leading the way, and underscored the benefits of the Government’s recent improvements to the immigration system, which include quicker access to highly skilled professionals.

Kenney, who many suggest may be a future leader of the Conservative Party, has represented his riding of Calgary Southeast since 1997 and serves in the Harper's Conservative government as Minister of Employment and Social Development and Minister for Multiculturalism.

Armstrong-Casey Battle Looming?

By Maurice Rees

With Bill Casey’s announcement, last week, he intends to seek the nomination to be the Liberal candidate for Cumberland-Colchester-Musquodoboit Valley the election campaign in this riding has already started.

It’s not known who candidates for the other parties will be, but Scott Armstrong, the current MP who replaced Casey when he resigned six months after winning as an independent candidate in the last federal election will definitely be the flag bearer for the Conservatives.

Casey was first elected in 1988 under the Progressive Conservative government of Brian Mulroney. The former MP was kicked out of Harper's caucus in 2007 after breaking ranks with the government over a budget bill, claiming it broke the Atlantic Accord with Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador.

He ran successfully as an Independent MP in October 2008 and held the seat until April 2009, when he retired to take a high-profile provincial government job.

Since Casey's retirement in 2009, Conservative Scott Armstrong, who had been a dedicated worker and Casey’s campaign manager for numerous elections has held the riding of Cumberland-Colchester-Musquodoboit Valley for the Conservatives.

Armstrong, who is Casey's former campaign manager, said in a statement Tuesday that he is disappointed with his one-time boss's decision to run for the Liberals. Armstrong’s career in Ottawa has been fast tracked with his rise to be appointed as Parliamentary Secretary to Minister of Employment and Social Development, Jason Kenny. On November 11th Armstrong flew to Ottawa to be part of Canada’s delegation to the G-20 Summit in Australia, after being invited by Prime Minister Stephen Harper on Sunday, November 9th.

In another development, Scott Lockhart — the president of the Cumberland-Colchester Conservative riding association — resigned his position on Wednesday, November 19th to back Casey in his bid to return to the House of Commons.

Even though we don’t know the date of the election in 2015, rest assured all political parties are focusing on organizing, and how they will not only appeal to voters, but how they get voters to the polls. Rest assured, the Cumberland-Colchester-Musquodoboit Valley riding will be one of the top ten in Canada for pundit watching and analysis.

Medals of Bravery presented

By Maurice Rees

Wade Smith, Londonderry and David Grandy, Tatamagouche were presented with the Nova Scotia Medal of Bravery in Halifax on November 20th. Shawn Hardy, Mauguerville, NB was also presented with a medal for his participation in the same accident. (L-R:) Premier Stephen McNeil, Wade Smith, Shawn Hardy, David Grandy, and Vice Admiral Duncan Miller (Retired), Chair of the Nova Scotia Medal of Bravery Advisory Committee. (Communications Nova Scotia Photo)

Wade Smith of Londonderry and David Grandy, Tatamagouche were decorated with the Nova Scotia Medal of Bravery by Premier Stephen McNeil at ceremonies held in Halifax on November 20th.

On September 14th of last year, Wade Smith of Londonderry was a passenger travelling with Dillon McMullin when their SUV struck two horses that were running loose on Highway 104 near Masstown. Smith was able to free himself but couldn't free the driver. Even though he was injured, he managed to flag down two vehicles to help. The vehicles were being driven by David Grandy, Tatamagouche and Shawn Hardy, Mauguerville, New Brunswick.

Returning to the vehicle where Dillon McMullin was trapped in the SUV, Smith, along with David Grandy of Tatamagouche and Shawn Hardy of Maugerville, New Brunswick, were able to free McMullin from the burning wreckage and pull him to safety just moments before the vehicle exploded.

Shawn Hardy, who was driving one of the vehicles flagged down by Wade Smith also received the award. He is the first person from New Brunswick to be given the Nova Scotia Medal of Bravery.

In presenting the Medals of Bravery, Premier Stephen McNeil said, "The actions of these three gentlemen were heroic, and their quick response and selfless acts of bravery saved Mr. McMullin’s life".

Sappo Thompson, places a poppy on the wreath in memory of her great grandfather Bert Fulmore.

Ok, ya caught me...I know it's not time yet but they look so tastey! (Harrington Photo)

Page One Briefs - December 2014


Trudy Thompson, Maitland, who has served as CCRSB chair since 2004 was re-elected chair of Chignecto-Central Regional School Board at a meeting held on November 12th. The 17 member board has selected Keith MacKenzie as Vice Chair. He has served in that position since 2005. During the meeting members were appointed to four standing committees: Human Resources Services, Financial Services, Education Services and Operational Services. Committee composition will be available on the CCRSB website soon.

Each year the Debert Military Museum conducts a variety of fund raisers. Winner of the Debert Military Museum 2014 Quilt raffle was Jane Boehm, Portaupique.

Apology is issued to Connie Smith, principal Great Village Elementary School for omitting the school’s news from the last issue. It was the first time that principal Smith was debuting as author of the column. Another apology is issued to Lynn Strong for two omissions which she had submitted. One was for the Bake Sale sponsored by the Debert Garden Club and the other was for the Debert Kitchen Party. Haven’t figured out what happened, but they are terrible omissions, for which I am sorry.

CCRSB will hold its next full meeting as Committee-of-the-Whole on December 3 at 7:00 pm at the Central Office, 60 Lorne Street, Truro.

Heather MacKay, Great Village is seeking comments and input if Great Village area residents would like to continue the annual Christmas Eve Service in the St James Church. She has indicated she would love to put together a gathering of family and friends of our community and if it goes forward this would be a service comprising non denominational gathering of traditional songs and stories. If you think that this is a tradition which should continue, please contact her.

Staples in the Fundy Trail Mall, Robie Street, Truro is downsizing by eliminating 14,000 sg ft of retail space. Although not confirmed, but a source within the store indicated Boston Pizza is supposed to be opening a store in their former space.

HUMOUR CORNER: Stress Reliever: Girl: When we get married, I want to share all your worries, troubles and lighten your burden. Boy: It's very kind of you, darling, but I don't have any worries or troubles. Girl: Well that's because we aren't married yet.

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